how sports impact your life and education

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we all know, if we won’t do exercise regularly we won’t be able to live longer healthier life.
physical activities give energy to our mind and body, keep us fit and healthy, actually, there are six reasons how sports impact your life, ok I’m not gonna tell how hormones
work but I’ll tell some genuine reasons,

how sports impact your life

Here are the six reasons:

  • reduces stress
  • Connectivity
  • Fan is everything
  • Superhuman
  • Excercise is boring
  • Physical activities

Briefly describe how sports impact your life

sports reduces stress

seven out of ten grown-ups in America say they feel stress and nervousness daily.
according to a recent Anxiety and depression association of America online polls
only (14 percent) of individuals do exercise daily to manage with stress,
(18 percent) of people reported talking to companions and family,
watching films or TV (14 percent),
listening to music (13 percent),
eating  (14 percent),
others are sleeping.

All of these are great coping techniques, Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body and brings happiness in your life, exercise is the only one most recommended by healthcare professionals.


It helps in connectivity!!! In other words sports help you to connect with someone who you have nothing in common with, maybe you’re a lawyer, student or maybe a businessmen when you joined a sports club you make new companions there and you may learn new things from them, It helps to connect with them who have different taste, working in a different industries, have a different color and religion but all come together under in one religion (sport)
It also teaches us to respect other opponents.

Fan is everything

No matter where you live, what happening in your life, you even don’t care about this whole world,
But you can always be a fan of a team.
You never miss a match of your favorite team, I know this because I’m also a fan, you can’t
manage this level of craziness actually, this is a fan spirit!

statistics are like bikinis they show a lot but not everything – Lou Piniella


Physical activities help to find a superhuman in you like many big personalities if I talk about Muhammad Ali. He recognize his talent at the 12 when his bike was stolen and he told a police officer,

that he wanted to beat up the thief and officer told him “Well, you better learn how to fight before you start challenging people!!! There are many more athletes and statistics which show that sports bring out the superhuman qualities of mankind.

that is how sports impact your life.

Excercise is boring

Excercise is very boring, going to the gym daily and running on a treadmill is boring, doing the same activity again and again is boring, right?? So, you need sports because a sport isn’t boring.

Physical activities

It helps you in sleeping when u start playing Sports and other forms of physical activity, How?? it improves the quality of sleep, It boosts your confidence it improves our capability and efficiency, it improves our blood circulation.


When you grow old and think about your past, bet me!! You always think about sports life, your winning your losing, and your fights sports also leave us with beautiful memories.

That is How sport impacts your life!!!

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Why do students leave sports : five simple reasons explained

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Do you know why do students leave sports? every year thousands of students leave games.
while sports and games are the very important way to keep you fit and healthy not just the body but also mind those children who are good at sports are also good at studies. so don’t you worry
about your child?

I’ll talk in this article about some genuine points of what are the main reasons behind the phycology.
of why a student left physical activities.

why do students leave sports

there are five major points:

  • losing-winning
  • Timetable
  • Don’t criticise
  • Competition
  • Are enjoying
  • Character building

Brief reasons why do students leave sports


Winning is everything!! really? maybe yes, in terms of boosting confidence and self-esteem.
one of the key points of increasing self-esteem is winning in your favorite game,
if I talk about myself as a kid I always want to win. winning at this age is very
important for children they always try their best they don’t want to become a part of losers.

parents should tell their children either they lose or win they don’t
need to worry even if they lose in any game parents should encourage them and
should not discourage them, for improving their ability in their most-liked game,
parents should play with them in the weekend.


maybe your kid doesn’t have too much time for physical activities. I know this situation is very hard for a kid, at this age our main attention seekers are our friends, video games, and movies.
that’s why I always recommend a timetable for a daily routine if you give 3 hours to physical activities,
its worth it.

Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion – Muhammad Ali

Don’t criticise

one of the main reason kid left healthy games is because of criticism, if a kid performs badly then he/she may
face criticism and maybe their other fellows make fun of him/her because of this situation
a kid says goodbye to games I have seen a lot of students leave physical activities only reason is criticism.

you maybe send your kids to training schools but are you taking notice is he happy or not? what if
his trainer criticises and degrades him instead of encouraging him that is why you should go to these school
and see how his trainer treats him. does he criticise? does he degrade them? ask his trainer
that doesn’t degrade or criticise your child.


Another main reason of learners leave physical activities is because of competition. competition
also means anxiety and fear of losing in the student’s world, some learners even don’t take part in
any event because of strong competitors they think that they will lose the match, that’s why they don’t perform
its all because of lack of confidence so always be there to support your child as I said before losing-winning is nothing.

Are they enjoying

it is not the rocket science if kids are not enjoying any game they will not stick with this game.
no matter how the big event is if they won’t enjoy they will leave!!! that is why students should select sports according to their interest.

Character building

physical activities help students in character building as I said before you might notice
a student who is better at sports, he/she is also good in studies, sports help us to
improve yourself, games give us a chance to overcome our fear,
it improves our capability and efficiency, it helps us in removing tiredness, it improves
our blood circulation I want to add one thing here doctors always recommend physical

why do students leave sports because of these some five main reasons.



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